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windwise. Technical expertise for the wind industry

windwise is an engineering service provider that specialises in the needs of the wind industry − from the development and construction of multi-megawatt wind turbine generators to support with purchasing, quality assurance, project management and the technical management of wind-energy projects.

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maxcap Turbine

Low wind speed WTG

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windwise specializes in

Design and development of wind turbines
Future development strategies
future strategies
Industrialization and operations
Industrialisation and operations
Expertise for existing turbines and assistance with new construction
Expertise for existing turbines and assistance with new construction


maxcap141 is a baseload-optimized wind turbine generator!

maxcap141 is a wind turbine generator with increased capacity factor!

maxcap141 is minimizing the impact of negative electricity prices!

maxcap is base-load optimized - What does that mean? - via video the unique features are explained

Changing market requirements - Negative electricity prices - Unefficient utilization of grid makes conventional wind turbine generators unprofitable! maxcap141 is a a low wind speed turbine with increased full load hours and thus significantly improved utilization of grid capacity! maxcap141 produces the power according to demand, in times when the electricity market price is high!

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