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Concept - Lifetime extension 20+

Lifetime extension 20+ is a concept for wind turbine generators after expiry of the operating permit, usually after 20 years.

The continued operation of a wind turbine generator beyond the planned 20 years is generally a worthwhile option. Also for reasons of profitability, continued operation is becoming more and more attractive compared to repowering.

In order to ensure that a wind turbine generator can continue its operation, its stability must be demonstrated. An expert opinion regarding the extension of the lifetime of the project is the basis for approving the continued operation of the wind turbine.

With the "Guideline for the continued operation of wind turbines", it is possible to evaluate the feasibility of an extendes operation of the wind turbine generator after the end of the calculated lifetime of 20 years.

We check your wind turbine generator according to the test methods defined by the BWEA with the "Guideline for the continued operation of wind turbines" and will provide you with a feasibility study according to the current state of technology.

Step 1

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In a first non-binding consultation, you will be shown the opportunities and risks for the continued operation of your wind turbine generator.

Step 2

Evaluation of the system documentation

The technical and energetic availability of your wind turbine is the focus of the evaluation of the system documentation.

In addition to a commercial analysis, which analyzes the concluded contracts with energy suppliers and the performance curves of the wind turbine generator from economic aspects, the technical analysis includes the analysis of the lifetime data and the analysis of the SCADA data. SCADA data analysis carefully analyzes data on energy yield, wind speed distribution and wind direction distribution as well as ultimate wind speeds.

Besides to the commercial and technical analysis, the requirements born out of the initial building permit (local administration) as well as the related certificates (Type approvals, etc.)  of the wind turbines are examined in detail.

Only a holistic view of the economic and technical data enables a well-founded forecast for the lifetime extension 20+.

Step 3

Simulation and load calculation

In accordance with the quality criteria of the BWE a simulation and load calculation must also be carried out in addition to the on site inspection, in order to extend the lifetime.

For a serious determination of the lifetime extension 20+ and a well-founded argumentation with regards to the extension of the operating permit, actual location conditions have to be generated.

If no specific wind speeds and environmental turbulences are available for the load calculation, this data needs to generated from an external turbulence survey in order to simulate the most exact possible wear on the wind turbine.

In addition to specific wind speeds and environmental turbulences, site-specific terrain topologies, the park layout and turbulence distributions are an important component of our load calculation.

For the assessment of the stability and safety of your wind turbine generator and the reputable recommendation for a lifetime extension 20+, the determination of damage equivalents or relevant load data for comparative purposes is necessary.

The calculation of location- and turbine-specific loads based on the adapted turbine model and the predefined site-specific conditions is carried out in the software environment Flex 5 (aerodynamic simulation software).

From the results of the load calculation, the potential of the wind turbine can be determined analytically for continued operation. This well-founded data is the basis for a strategy for optimal operation management from the interaction of maximum operating time and income from the sale of the energy.

Step 4

Wind turbine inspection

A wind turbine inspection is indispensable for the quality assessment of a wind turbine generator.

The individual components of the wind turbine are examined electrically and mechanically according to special expert criteria. A special focus is placed on the results of the previous analyses.

The turbine inspection closes with an assessment of the overall condition of the turbine.

Step 5

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Preparation of the report for the wind turbines

The results of the calculation of the charges and the investment are summarized in a final expert opinion.

The approval is the prerequisite for the approval of the lifetime extension 20+ of your wind turbine generator.

An approval by the local building authority is necessary in order for your wind turbine to generate electricity in the future.

Process für operating license

On request, we may support you in the dialogue with local authorities ...

The operating license requires a corresponding application from the local administration.


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